Dr Pádraig Cotter Psychology 

Psychological therapy, facilitation and coaching for individuals, couples, teams and organisations.


If you are experiencing emotional difficulties, relationship challenges or wish to engage in personal development, together we can co-create the therapy that best suits you.

Similarly, if you, your team or organisation needs support with optimising performance, I can help through psychological coaching and facilitation. 

Please get in contact to establish if we are a good fit for each other.

Dr Pádraig Cotter, BA., MSc., D Psych Sc

Clinical Psychologist | Relationship & Group Facilitator | Performance & Culture Coach

Padraig Cotter Clinical Psychologist


To support people to improve their lives through self-understanding.

‘Padraig provided a safe, validating and compassionate space which allowed me to make sense of the different parts of myself, and to give voice to the marginalised parts that I unknowingly pushed away. Padraig’s presence was soothing and containing, and the experiential interventions that he facilitated were at a pace that matched me. I felt more connected to myself by the end of the piece of work.’

Anonymous Client

‘Pádraig’s gentle presence and rare attention to detail combine to create a space in which important work can be done. He has a broad perspective on the challenges that life presents, which allows him to work profitably with clients on whatever they might choose to address in a way that is responsive to the unique circumstances of their lives.’

Dr Conor Dwan, NHS Psychologist

‘I was stuck in a self-sabotaging pattern that came out in particularly stressful situations. It impacted my ability to grow my business, and even though I knew what I had to do in theory, I still struggled to create a new, more helpful behaviour. Pádraig helped me understand where my emotional responses came from, and work with my internal voice rather than against it. The stressful situations still appear but I now act with more clarity and ease.’

Malin Svensson, Business Owner

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