Therapy and Facilitation

Psychological Therapy

If you are experiencing emotional difficulties (e.g. anxiety, depression), relationship challenges or wish to engage in personal growth, I can help. 

One of the chief parameters guiding me is the individuality of each person I work with – understanding you and your life is foremost. Another key component is the therapeutic relationship we create together. 

The uniqueness of each person and each relationship guides us in therapy. I draw on a range of approaches* but the real work lies in following your process and co-creating the therapy needed at each step along the way.

* CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Schema Therapy, Person-Centred or Humanistic Counselling, Mindfulness-Based Practices, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Process Oriented Psychology. 

Psychological Therapy

Couples and Relationships

If you find yourself having difficulties with your partner or another important person in your life, I provide a safe space within couples therapy or relationship facilitation. 

My approach is largely based on Process Oriented Psychology or ‘Process Work’. This involves viewing each person as an individual with their own experiences and identity; as well as viewing the relationship as a further unique entity.

We work together with each person, with the relationship and the way they come together. My role involves bringing awareness to the parts of each person and parts of the relationship that have been overlooked. 

Group Work – Facilitation and Design 

Across differing contexts and settings, people benefit from having an external person facilitate groups. Do you, or people you work alongside require group facilitation? 

I have facilitated, coordinated and designed a wide range of groups-based programmes with varying aims and objectives (see publications):

  • Schwartz Rounds for healthcare professionals
  • StaffSPACE (Stopping to Process and Consider Events) 
  • The Seanchaí (Storyteller) Project 

Contact me if you would like to discuss facilitation or developing a programme.

Examples of Groups:

  • Navigating anxiety and depression.
  • Support for frontline emergency workers.
  • Reflective practice for NHS staff.
  • Crisis debrief for frontline public sector workers.
  • Community-based dialogue.

Workshop & Training – Design and Delivery

Sometimes you may require a more structured approach to working in groups. I develop psychologically-informed trainings to meet your specific requirements.  

I have designed and delivered workshops focusing on different aspects of wellbeing, self-care, team functioning and communication. These have ranged from shorter, educational pieces of work to more in-depth experiential trainings.

My interest is in designing workshops for each situation making the initial discussions paramount to co-creating what you need.

Contact me to discuss further. 

Examples of topics:

  • Developing a compassionate communication style.
  • Growing a supportive team environment.
  • Identifying and working with suicidal behaviours.
  • Taking care of ourselves in taking care of others.
  • Working with anxiety and fear.


Whether you are a psychologist or practitioner from another discipline, good supervision is a core component of working with people. I provide both individual and group supervision. 

I have worked with people at all stages of psychological practice as well as facilitating group-based supervision for nurses and other allied health professionals.

I take an integrative approach, drawing on a range of models to meet the developmental stage, interests and needs of the supervisee. Creating a safe and trusting relationship is the foundation on which the rest of the work is based.  

Recently, I received the ‘Clinical Supervisor of the Year’ award from City University.  

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